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Huntsville Youth Orchestra Registration and Parent Meeting will take place on Sunday, August 20, at Trinity UMC, 2:00, in Wesley Hall.


Huntsville Youth Orchestra 2016-2017 Season

Sponsorship of the Season
Scholarship Sponsors
Sam and Jane McClain
Fall Concert Sponsor
Redstone Federal Credit Union
Winter Concert Sponsor
Spring Concert Sponsor
Music Director and HYS Conductor, Joseph Lee
Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Csar
Sinfonia Conductor, David Ragsdale
Philharmonia Conductor, Jacob Frank
Sponsored by Mel and Barbara Price
Concert and Intermezzo Orchestras Conductor,
Kelli Battraw
Novice Conductor, Bethany Wing
Mrs. Patricia Cassity

Student Sponsorships

Dr. Jason T. Banks and April Ray
Harry and Ginger Beazley
Dr. Diego Bedoya and Dr. Ingrid Roig
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Boyd
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Campbell
Betty Carden
Larry and Nancy Carroll
Bernard J. Cassity
Mrs. Pat Cassity
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Chu
Lisa D’Agostino
Dr. Gagon Dhaliwal
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Dill, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Flowers
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Frederick
Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Friar
Dr. Emily Gordon and Mr. Joseph Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hagood
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Heeschen
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Johnson
Bill and Kathy Jones
Dr. Beverly Stickles and Dr. Joshua Krasnow
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Korb
Sam and Jane McClain
Mr. and Mrs. Michael McClure
Ms. Soon Miller
Suvarna and Vivek Mokashi
Tom Mosier
Johnmejoy and Nandita Ojha
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Phillips
Bett and Clovis Pitchford
Le and Susan Pitts
Mr. and Mrs. William Randolph
Mr. and Mrs. David Rigby
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Shustack
Allison Cassity Somers
William and Heather Sartor
Scott and Kelly Spangler
Dr. Qi and Mrs. Sarah Wan
Who, What, Where Art
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Willis
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wing
Hwayoung Yoo and Sangeun Yoon
Dr. and Mrs. Roderick Zalamea

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